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Flapgrip is a smartphone grip that can be attached to any smartphone with a reliable and strong 3M-glue, that can be easily removed. Flapgrip enables you to hang your phone (almost) anywhere, whether it is in your car as an airvent holder or on any edge to record a video or livestream. Flapgrip can also be used as a media stand to watch your favorite videos horizontically and hands-free or as a phone grip to provide a better grip while using your smartphone - the possibilities are (almost) limitless.

No, flapgrip is NOT a case - however, it can be attached to your case to hang your phone (almost) anywhere and turn it into a media stand to watch your favorite videos.

Yes, flapgrip works with every phone - even with Android phones. Flapgrip is designed to stick to your phone (or case) using a reliable and strong industry standard 3M glue, which can be removed residue-free.


Flapgrip sticks to (almost) every surface. However, it may not stick to some leather or silicone cases. 

Our flapgrip is designed to stick to (almost) every surface thanks to best-in-class 3M glue being used. However, it may not stick to some leather cases. If you experience any issues with your flapgrip not sticking properly, simply leave us a message at and we'll find a proper solution.

The flapgrip is designed to be lightweight and thin, so it can easily enhance the usability of your smartphone without disturbing you.

You can remove your flapgrip easily, however it may not stick again once you've removed it. Simply use your fingers or a thin object i.e. credit card to remove it.

We've used a special glue to make sure, your flapgrip sticks firmly to your phone in every situation. However, the adhesivity of the 3M-glue decreases, once it has been removed from your phone. We don't recommend to apply your flapgrip to another phone, once you've removed it.

Your flapgrip can be easily removed. Simply use a thin object i.e. a credit card or your fingers to gently remove the 3M-glue. 

Our flapgrips are equiped with an industry-leading 3M-glue that usually doesn't leave any residues when the flapgrip is carefully removed. 

Our flapgrips are made of a high-quality silicone and a memory metal plate inside the flap enables the functionality.

Yes! We offer a variety of branding solutions for flapgrip as a promotion product - starting from pantone colors to debossed and printed logos.

How to Apply

1. First clean your smartphone with the provided wipes.

2. Tear off half of the protective film on the 3M sticker. Then paste the flapgrip on the center of the phone. Slowly tear off the rest of the protective film and paste completely.

3. After pasting, push the middle of the flapgrip and gently press the clear film with your finger to make it firmer and to discharge any air bubbles.

4. For a perfect fit make sure to secure the edges of your flapgrip once again.

5. Wait approx. 10 minutes for the adhesive to be effective.

B2B / Wholesale

Interested in going wholesale with flapgrip? Let's answer most often asked B2B and Wholesale queries.

We are well aware that some of the best ad space exists in the back of a phone. Therefore, you can get flapgrip in your desired Pantone colors, with or without your logo, printed or debossed starting from as low as 500 MOQ. Simply contact us at

The flapgrip is 77 x 38 x 3mm and weights 6 grams.

Flapgrip is made of a high quality silicone and a thin memory metal plate inside the flap, which enables the functionality of the flapgrip.

Yes! We do provide customization options for product packaging on promotion orders.

If you are looking to purchase flapgrip as a reseller please leave us a message at and we will provide additional information on reseller conditions.

Simply contact us at

For reseller inquiries please contact us at

Shipping, Returns & Payments

Want to learn more about our shipping and return policy before you place the order? Here is everything you need to know.

Yes! You can order your flapgrip from anywhere in the world - we will deliver it to you.

Our domestic orders are 1.50 € and we have a fee of 2.40 € for our international orders.

We do our best to keep shipping times short. Usually it takes 5-7 business days until your flapgrip arrives and in some cases it may be even shorter. However, occasionally international orders may take longer due to customs.

If you're unhappy with your flapgrip write us a message at and we'll make sure to find the most suitable solution. Please consider, that we cannot offer refunds for flapgrips which have been already attached to your phone, unless there is an issue with the product.

Refunds are usually processed within 3-5 business days.

You can choose from a variety of different payment options, whether it's PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, Apple Pay or Android pay.

You can switch between different currencies by using the currency converter in the bottom section of our flapgrip store.